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(Sorry mods if this doesn't fit with the community, but I am not sure what other comm would be appropriate for a locality-specific animal post.)

I am looking for help with either a forever home, foster-to-adopt, or long term foster for an adorable kitty, Maddy, we are fostering for a local rescue I volunteer with. We, uh, totally didn't intend to foster her (or foster her for this long), except that she was hiding in her cage at the pet store rescue area and it was right before Thanksgiving and my brain calculation went, "Wait, wait…Black Friday and a shy cat will not result in a happy cat."

Maddy (foster)
small orange/buff tabby laying on her side on a blue carpet; a grey mouse toy with a feather tail is in front of her and she's sniffing it while kneading her paws in the air and on the carpet; a person is petting the top of her head

So basically she hid in our office closet on top of a pile of A/V cables for 24-36 hours, and we spent time in the room studiously pretending there was no cat in the room because she hid again if she realized that she saw you. I even took a couple of naps in there so she could thoroughly investigate me.

I should mention that Maddy, this tiny little sand/tan/buff-tabby cat, also had her tail amputated recently because it was very infected, and she's been bounced around a bit from kill shelter to local fosters to the Petsmart area. (Not to mention also being spayed.) She also had a *ton* of scabs just sort of fall off recently. So, you know, a bit of caution around humans is not unwarranted.

Anyway, around midnight on Thanksgiving my partner and I were in the office and she came out and basically melted into a pile of, "OK, I have decided you are not cat-eating monsters, PLEASE PET ME I NEED ALL THE PETS." Ever since then she has grown exponentially more confident, comfortable with humans, and less stinky (seriously, I think she had hit too-depressed-to-groom).

All of this is awesome, and if I had my way I would add her to our household's cat mix. However, my cat and my parents' cat are working out a bit of a turf thing right now and having a foster in the house (especially longer than the initial "just for the holiday weekend") is kind of heightening the Territory Wars *just a tad*. If this were different timing, I think she and my cat would totes get along because she has been chirping at him through the door and trying to play patty-cake. (She got along with cats at another foster's, too, just hadn't trusted people yet.)

Added bonuses: she has no qualms (as yet) about drinking water, and she is not a picky eater. She likes to play, is super cuddly, will let you pet her belly (and also people she has just met once she has added them to The Circle of Trust), and air kneads in a very cute way. Also reportedly good with other cats, which casual observation seems to show is true. Enjoys sleeping near people heads.

Warning: may drool on you.

She does need someone good with introverted kitties who won't expect her to just show this whole crowd of new people her tricks right away! Also, some people-oriented therapy to help her get used to jumping without a tail for counterbalance (perhaps in the form of games or with treats; she likes feather wands very much) would be very helpful.

If you are in the DC-metro area (perhaps extending as far as Annapolis or so, depending on if we can make transports work, etc.) and interested in providing Maddy a place to stay (as a forever home, a foster-to-adopt, or a long-term foster so she doesn't have to be bounced around so much between fosters until she finds a forever home) then please let me know via PM on dreamwidth, or via email at lizcommotion (at) gmail (dot) com. I might take a tad more than usual to get back to you depending on cat duties (omg so many litter boxes to clean!).

Also, if you know anyone who might be interested (even *gasp* not on dreamwidth), feel free to pass this info along!

ETA: Call of the alarm, we are 99.9% sure we are going to adopt her ourselves. We keep running out of reasons not to adopt her that are not grinch-like, and my cat and she have started playing and sniffing each others' butts and acting like they've known each other forever. This is helping with general cat dynamic, which is awesome because I totally lurv her. So, er, yes. As our vet said, her latest cat was one she was "just going to foster for the weekend" and look how that turned out. Er. (Answer: totally awesome, actually.)

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