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Just sharing because I'm super picky about who gets to touch my body (particularly for any kind of massage), and I just had one of the best massages ever.

Magic, I tell you.

Since high school or so (a rather long time ago), I have had what felt like a rock underneath my shoulderblade. I can't roll it out with a tennis ball because you can't reach it, and I've given up telling doctors about the weird grating feeling I get sometimes accompanied by noise because they tell me not to move my shoulder that way. (Seriously.)

I went in because I'd been on a long car ride, and was trying to avoid many days of paying for it. I came out with the rock gone -- or at least smaller.

He did some sort of magic where he worked on the problem bits, went to other areas of my body, and then came back to them like he was coaxing out a scared kitten from under a sofa. It felt great the first time he located The Spot, but eventually third time round there was this veeeery light pop and The Rock sort of dissolved a bit? IDK it's magic I'm not questioning it. It's smaller and the noise is almost gone.

It's a bit sore the day after, but like "I've been working out" sore, not "I will not move sore." I have better range of motion there than I've had in years, and I was in a car for 11 hours two days ago.

They seem to have a fairly regular "get a longer massage for the price of an hour long massage" promotion, and are pretty reasonably priced for the area. Highly recommend Roger Simpson at the Northern Virginia Massage Center if you need bodywork in NoVA.
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