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I'd love to see this community get some real and vibrant use, so I'd love to see if we can't generate some content for The Dreamwidth Anniversary Fest.

Part of that, however, depends on knowing what people want from this community. I always envisioned it as a place where people could say, "Hey, here is this cool thing happening between Baltimore and Richmond which you might enjoy attending." or, "I'm going to do this cool thing between Baltimore and Richmond, and I'd like company."

I also was hoping we could serve as a hub for local, not cool, but important things; if there's another Metro accident, I'd hope people would either actually check in here or post to say that they'd heard from third parties, that sort of thing.

My definition of cool thing is pretty broad: not just museums and festivals and street fairs and plays, but also a new restaurant, or an amazing class at the library, or a brand new gaming night looking for players, or anything really local and really cool. Is there general interest for that sort of content, or were you thinking of something different when you signed up? How do we encourage one another to post that sort of content here, or link to it here when we post it in our own journals?

Ideas welcome.


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