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Carpe Diem! Arts and the Washington Revels are sponsoring contradance on the second Thursday of the month at the Silver Spring Civic Building (1 Veterans Place, Silver Spring MD).

The first dance will be tomorrow, with lessons at 7pm for beginners, and the main dance starting at 7:30pm. The entrance fee is $10, first time free. This is a 10-minute walk from the Silver Spring Metro -- across from the Silver Spring Regal Majestic, if you've ever been there.
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The Metro website (WMATA) has a new beta site, to standardize the browser/mobile versions of the site. Metro is seeking feedback from users before they permanently replace the old site.

The new site has a *lot* of drop down menus and idk what else might be accessibility issues.

If you want more info on the change, I heard about it from this Washington Post article.

Beta site

Current WMATA site

Customer comment page for feedback
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The AFI is showing Attack the Block this Friday at 9:20 -- this is one of John Boyega's first movies, and quite good on its own merits.

Anyone want to meet up with me and see it. We can get dinner at one of the Silver Spring eateries beforehard.

If you're interested in the movie but can't make it Friday, it's also playing on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday -- at or after 9 pm though.
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I know this is short notice, but the AFI finally put up their new schedule. HG Wells' Things to Come, an early work of SF moviemaking, is showing at the AFI on Saturday at 3pm. I'd really like to have a bunch of people come with me.

We can meet at the theater at 2:30, watch the movie, and have an early dinner afterwards.
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ConneXions is a small, slashy relaxacon that used to happen about ten years ago in the area, and I'm working with some people on bringing it back this August.

Registration is open through August 1
Panel Suggestions are being taken now.

We welcome everyone, as long as they're a fan of talking/daydreaming/writing/art-ing about queer relationships between fictional characters or possibly famous people.
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Just sharing because I'm super picky about who gets to touch my body (particularly for any kind of massage), and I just had one of the best massages ever.

Magic, I tell you.

not only did he help with car pain, but he helped with decades-old pain )


May. 29th, 2015 10:31 am
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Is anyone going to AwesomeCon at the Washington Convention Center this weekend?

I'm going this evening, so if anyone wants to meet up for a quick dinner between 6 -8 pm, comment here or PM me--hopefully I'll be able to access the wireless at the convention center.

Tomorrow, a friend and I are going to try to get into the LotR panel at noon and the Buffy panel at 3:45. Let me know if you want to try to meet up.
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Hi, dc dreamwidthers.

My partner and I are downsizing our bikes in hopes of one day moving for reasons of health. We have a lovely vintagey lugged steel Schwinn that is just slightly too big for comfort, and so we're downsizing.

Anyone want to buy a bike? It's in good shape and stored out of rust-inducing weather.

Schwinn DC Metro
Image of Schwinn bike for sale, follow link below for description

If you know anyone bike shopping, feel free to pass on the Craigslist posting.

Selling the bike will help us get funds to move to a healthier situation and we won't have as much stuff to move. Thanks for reading!


May. 17th, 2015 01:29 pm
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I'm going to Balticon next weekend and was wondering if anyone wanted to try to meet up.

I'm thinking of attending the Friday night LGBT meet-up panel and the panel on the nuts and bolts of publishing. Saturday I want to go to the panel on Tolkien's female characters, a talk by Jo Walton, and maybe workshops on filmmaking and calligraphy. I won't be there Sunday or Monday.

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Looney Labs is hosting an International Table Top Games Day from 1pm to 5pm tomorrow in Eastern Market.

It sounds like a fun outing. Anyone interested?
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The Power of Chocolate is a special event at the National Museum of the American Indian this weekend... who wants to meet me tomorrow to attend? With or without a possible side trip to Cherry Blossom Festival. There's definitely going to be a trunk show of vintage Japanese garments at the Sackler, among other things...
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I am hoping to fire my GP as soon as possible for many reasonz, but mostly because ever since she had a visit from my insurance company where they were bullying her to reduce my medical costs (hi multiple complex chronic diseases good luck with that!) and have me call them to get an insurance-company-assigned case manager (who will be totally unbiased and not impact my care, yes?), whenever I go in for something acute I get a long talk about how all the treatments would interfere with my meds from other doctors and she can't really do anything, she'll do a simple test, but I should go talk to them.


Which is totally not connected in any way, right?

So I was hoping it would get better but it really hasn't, so as I said searching for a new GP somewhere in NoVA (so as not to drive forever and ever) who is not an asshole about things like Fibromyalgia being a thing not "in your head".

If anyone is comfortable sharing a rec via PM or suchlike, would be so much appreciated. Just spent another useless hour there yesterday and actually the nurse practitioner at minute clinic last month was more helpful. Which is sad.

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(Sorry mods if this doesn't fit with the community, but I am not sure what other comm would be appropriate for a locality-specific animal post.)

I am looking for help with either a forever home, foster-to-adopt, or long term foster for an adorable kitty, Maddy, we are fostering for a local rescue I volunteer with. We, uh, totally didn't intend to foster her (or foster her for this long), except that she was hiding in her cage at the pet store rescue area and it was right before Thanksgiving and my brain calculation went, "Wait, wait…Black Friday and a shy cat will not result in a happy cat."

Maddy (foster)
small orange/buff tabby laying on her side on a blue carpet; a grey mouse toy with a feather tail is in front of her and she's sniffing it while kneading her paws in the air and on the carpet; a person is petting the top of her head

wow this got long; talking about Maddy's background )

If you are in the DC-metro area (perhaps extending as far as Annapolis or so, depending on if we can make transports work, etc.) and interested in providing Maddy a place to stay (as a forever home, a foster-to-adopt, or a long-term foster so she doesn't have to be bounced around so much between fosters until she finds a forever home) then please let me know via PM on dreamwidth, or via email at lizcommotion (at) gmail (dot) com. I might take a tad more than usual to get back to you depending on cat duties (omg so many litter boxes to clean!).

Also, if you know anyone who might be interested (even *gasp* not on dreamwidth), feel free to pass this info along!

ETA: Call of the alarm, we are 99.9% sure we are going to adopt her ourselves. We keep running out of reasons not to adopt her that are not grinch-like, and my cat and she have started playing and sniffing each others' butts and acting like they've known each other forever. This is helping with general cat dynamic, which is awesome because I totally lurv her. So, er, yes. As our vet said, her latest cat was one she was "just going to foster for the weekend" and look how that turned out. Er. (Answer: totally awesome, actually.)

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Gabriano Lloyd & Gia Lloyd
Last seen in Odenton, MD
Vehicle has changed; now: 2010 Honda Crosstour, Black; Maryland license plate #9AZ6888

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I don't know if this technically falls in the bounds of this comm, so if it doesn't I'm sorry mod! and feel free to edit and/or take this down.

I've been fostering cats for a great organization in Northern VA called Pets Bring Joy. Currently we are fostering a kitty called May (though we have been calling her Maeve or Queen Maeve around the house). It's our second round of fostering her, as a typical foster runs 1-2 weeks to give cats breaks from being stuck in a Petsmart cage with potential adopters staring at them. However, once Maeve went back she went into a depressive funk, hung out in her litterbox, got a UTI, gained about 2 lbs in a month...yeah, she's been having a rough time. Anyway, she's back with us, hopefully until she finds her forever home.

She is a lovely cat, especially excellent with young kittens as she recently had a litter herself (when she was found in a park she was pregnant); she has now been spayed of course. She is good with other cats although she can be a bit of a Dom. Anyway, she's very playful (she begs by the cabinet where we keep the special toy), walks on a harness and leash, is good with kids, has head butted me while I was scooping litter so I'd say that falls in the "outgoing" category...

If you or someone you know is thinking about a cat, May/Maeve is a great kitty to consider. Also, Pets Bring Joy is a great organization that tends to rescue friendly cats no matter their physical circumstances (one eye, three legs, unpopular colors, etc.). We got our cat there and he is amazepants.

And...that's my schpiel unless you want more information!

May needs a forever home

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The Geek Chic Fashion show run by Fantom Comics and Polly Sue's Vintage is this Saturday at 7 pm. The venue is St. Stephen and the Incarntion Episopalian Church at 155 Newton Street, NW -- this is only a few blocks from Columbia Metro.

The fashion show is a fund-raiser for Con-or-Bust.

It's $5 to attend -- and there will be vendors!
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A few days ago I was told about a screening for the soccer movie Next Goal Wins, about the American Samoa team, tomorrow (Thursday) at Tyson's Corner. A friend mentioned the screening to me after I quoted Jaiyah Saelua, a member of the team and the first known transgender international-level soccer player, in a quote-of-the-day last week. (She's fa'afafine, which is a Samoan third-gender.)

So, hoping to spread the word ...

The screening is at Tyson's Corner & IMAX, Thursday, 29 May 2014, 7:30 PM. $12.50.
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Fundraiser at Chevy’s in Greenbelt to support GreenBeLT Pride, Greenbelt's LGBTIQ community group.

Who wants to cook when you can eat delicious food AND support GreenBeLT Pride?!

Th. May 15th


(*Some folks will meet at 5:30pm at a reserved table. Join us for supper before the GHI annual meeting!)

When we eat that evening, 20% of the proceeds will benefit Greenbelt Pride to help with costs for the coming year. You will be provided there with a flyer of the event to turn in with your check.

Everyone is invited to join us.
Thanks to Chevy’s for their support!
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I'm scheduled for surgery next Tuesday, Nov 26th at a hospital in Columbia MD, near the Columbia Mall and need to get there by 11 am. Is there anyone who lives in my area who is driving north that morning and can give me a lift? I have a ride home. Thanks!


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