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Takoma Park Street Festival

It's raining, but come on down anyway - you won't melt! I can hear the music from where I'm sitting here at my computer:

Takoma park Street Festival logo with an image of a tree

Music schedule

List of participants (including craftspeople, civic and political groups, and local businesses)

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Top Chef Isabella Pop Up Restaurant (Livingsocial Deal)

February 16, 17, 18, 19
Five Courses of Modern Mexican Small Plates
Tequila-Cocktail Pairings
Chef Meet and Greet
$119 Includes Gratuity and Other Fees
Bandolero preview
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MCR ticket for sale

Who: My Chemical Romance
Where: the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC
When: Tuesday, May 10
What: $42 or best offer
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Environmental Film Festival

March 15-27, 2011

The list of this year's films and venues has not yet been posted, but you can join the mailing list and see archives.
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Important MAGFest News

Hey folks, if you a planning on attending MAGFest in Alexandria this weekend and have not pre-registered, their latest news post strongly encourages you to do so as they are fast-approaching their attendance cap.

Deadline for pre-registration is 11:59:59pm EST today, January 10.

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Extended Region Triple Threat

All these events are this coming weekend, January 14-16.

MAGFest 9
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia, 22311
Shuttle available from King Street and Pentagon City metro stations.

A convention focused on video games and video game music, featuring concerts every night that are included with your admission.

Holiday Inn Patriot
Williamsburg, VA

Sci-Fi Con, with guests of honor Jim Butcher, Shannon Butcher, and Ursula Vernon.

Mid-Atlantic Leather: Revolution (Adult/NSFW)
Hyatt Regency Washington
5 min walk from Union Station

I think the "Adult/NSFW" bit after the URL tells you everything you need to know.
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Library presentation

The Art and Artifice of Audiobook Narration

George Guidall: The Art and Artifice of Audiobook Narration
Accokeek Branch
Wednesday, December 8, 7 pm.
George Guidall has entertained audiobook listeners for over 20 years, garnering rave reviews in publications like Audiofile, Library Journal and Publisher’s Weekly. He has recorded classic favorites like Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, and thrilled listeners with his readings of  Wally Lamb’s bestseller, I Know this Much is True. Mr. Guidall is the recipient of an Audie, the Oscar Award’s equivalent for best audiobook, for his reading of John Irving’s A Widow for One Year.
Author Stephen King said about Mr. Guidall, “I treasure the way he’s brought some of my favorite stories—including my own—to full brilliance.” An accomplished actor for over 40 years, he received an Obie for best Off-Broadway performance, and has performed at the New York Shakespeare Festival with legendary actors Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline. Joins us for an entertaining evening with George Guidall. Families welcome. Seating limited to first 75 customers. Pick up tickets at Information Desk.
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Modern Dance in February

The Washington Ballet is going to present Rock and Roll at Sydney Harman Hall this February. Tickets are between $20 and $87. Anyone interested in going with me? Probably aiming for the matinee on the 19th, but I could do an evening during the week.

I saw High Lonesome (one of three pieces) this fall at VelocityDC and it was excellent. This is modern dance, not ballet, if that makes a difference to you.

We could make an evening of it, probably, with dinner at Jaleo (or crepes from the crepes place at Gallery Place, as you like.)
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Double Convention Weekend

The Small Press Expo is Saturday and Sunday at the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center.

Intervention ("Your online life, in-person") is Friday through Sunday at the Hilton Washington DC in Rockville, right next to the Twin Brook Metrorail Stop.

As a bonus, both events have 25 passes to the other that they will be giving out. Check their respective websites for details.
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Next Dor DC: free High Holiday services; no tickets/RSVP required

Next Dor DC is holding an Erev Rosh Hashanah service, hosted by Temple Micah on Wisconsin Ave.
If you're in your 20s and 30s (we promise not to check ID at the door!), are not sure where you should be for the high holidays, and want a place where you can just come as you are, then this is where you belong. NO TICKETS. NO $. NO RSVP. JUST SHOW UP.

Beginning at 6:30 with wine and apples and honey, followed by a service at 7:00.

Services are informal, filled with music led by the fabulous Michelle Citrin ( This is not your parents high holiday service – we promise!
They'll also be doing Kol Nidre next week. Info at Next Dor's Facebook page, or Temple Micah's High Holy Day Services info page.
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July 3 concert: Catherine Asaro and Donald Wolcott

Passing along some info from a friend:

Looking for something to do this Saturday?

Then come to Stacy's Coffee shop at 7 pm for a concert by Catherine Asaro and Donald Wolcott!

They’ll be playing music from Catherine Asaro’s recent novel, Diamond Star, as well as a combination of original rock, jazzy pop, jazz standards and classic rock. Catherine will be giving readings from Diamond Star as well.

Stacy’s Coffee Shop is at 709 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046. The phone number is (703)538-6266. Stacy’s serves a variety of sandwiches, pastries, ice cream, soft drinks, and of course excellent coffee.

Catherine Asaro is two-time Nebula® Award-Winning author of science fiction and fantasy. May 2009 saw the publication of her twenty-fourth book, Diamond Star (Baen Books). In April 2009, Starflight Music released a companion music CD, also titled Diamond Star, that offers readers a soundtrack for the book. The songs are performed by Point Valid, a vibrant young rock band from Baltimore, with Catherine as guest vocalist. Her second CD, Goodbye Note, was released in 2010.

Donald Wolcott has been playing piano since the age of five. In 2005, Donald received acclaim from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia as a top soloist in their annual jazz festival. In 2006 he was accepted as a bassist into the Montgomery County Honors Jazz Ensemble. In 2007 he earned an honorable mention for jazz performance in the National Distinguished Scholar Competition, and in 2008 he was one of only four people who received the coveted “Maestro Award” for individual performance at the Washington D.C. Heritage Music Festival. After his high school graduation in 2008, Donald accepted a scholarship to Towson University, where he majors in Jazz Performance and is the pianist for the Towson Big Band, the school’s premiere jazz ensemble.

[Edit: In different detail over here.]
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Charlaine Harris signing May 6

May 6, 7:30 p.m., Bailey's Crossroad Borders

Charlaine Harris reading and signing.

She writes the Sookie Stackhouse books on which True Blood is based.
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Two upcoming plays

HMS Pinafore - Georgetown University - April 14th to 17th

Gilgamesh - University of Maryland - April 23rd to May 2nd

I'm going to the first this Friday and the second next Friday.
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Emancipation Day events

I think it's awesome that in DC we get Emancipation Day (and not just because it means I get a day off work). The following is C & P'd, so I don't know any more details than the ones you're reading:

RECOGNITION CEREMONY AND FILM DOCUMENTARY: Mrs. Loretta Carter Hanes, Reviver of D. C. Emancipation Day : Monday, April 12, 2010 starting 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Charles Sumner Museum, 1201 Seventeenth Street, N.W., Great Hall, refreshments will be served. Sponsored by African American Holiday Association - 202-667-2577. Free and open to the public!


Friday, April 16th, 2010 starting at 11AM

RALLY: 11:00 am at Franklin Square (13th & I Streets, NW), speakers include: Rev. E. Gail Anderson-Holiness, Rev. Graylan Hagler, Council members Michael A. Brown, Yvette Alexander and Vincent Gray, Senators Michael Brown and Paul Strauss, Singer - Luci Murphy and Friends, and the Washington Youth Choir, Singer Ayesha Dancy and an Emancipation Re-enactment and YOU!

MARCH: 12:30 pm to D.C. Historical Society (9th & K Streets, NW) with Emancipation Film, discussion. Free and open to the public!

* Did you know that after rebellions, riots and struggle the more than 3,100 enslaved people living in the nation's capital were freed on April 16, 1862, 9 months before Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863. This historic day was considered the formerly enslaved's 4th of July!

For more information call: 202-361-9739.
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WINDUP COMIC FEST:: Saturday, May 22. Baltimore.


The Windup Comic Fest is a one-day sequential art event, held twice a year in Baltimore at The Windup Space. Indie comic book artists and comic book stores set up shop for an afternoon of comic awesomeness.

There is no cover charge. The Windup Comics Fest is an all-ages event. Alcohol is available for guests 21 and older. Parking is on-street, or in one of two nearby garages.

MAY 22, 2010. 2pm - 7pm. 12 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

P.S. Vendor Space still Available. Check the website for details.
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Discovering Einstein's God: An Evening with Krista Tippett and Michel Martin

Discovering Einstein's God: An Evening with Krista Tippett and Michel Martin
Live at the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Sidney Harman Hall
7 p.m., Monday, Apr. 5

Be part of the discussion when Krista Tippett, host of American Public Media's Speaking of Faith and Michel Martin, host of NPR's Tell Me More, get together for a dialogue about the role of faith in their lives. Krista will talk about her new book, Einstein's God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit, which explores the nexus of science and spirituality with leading scientists and physicians.

More Info

Tickets are $33.
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IP/Gender conference

The 7th Annual IP/Gender conference: mapping the connections, gender and invention
Friday, April 16
American University Washington College Of Law
open to the public
pre-registration required, though

I went to this last year and it was really great. Started off with a vid show and dinner Thursday, then presentations (and lunch) Friday. All the talks were very interesting, and some of them were by people you may have heard of on the internet. They do want you to register in advance, but anyone can register, you don't have to be a scholar or a professional or whatever, and the registration is free, and free meals were included. I'm going again this year.
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Art shows this weekend -- free to the public

Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery Wearable Art/Fiber Art Show & Sale
Saturday, October 17th fron 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
St. Mark Presbyterian Church
10701 Old Georgetown Road
Rockville, Maryland


Bethesda Row Arts Festival
Saturday, October 17th from 11am – 6pm
Sunday, October 18th from 11am – 5pm
Bethesda Row located on Woodmont and Bethesda Avenues, and Elm Street, east of Arlington Road
Metro station -- Bethesda
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Mediaeval Baebes -- August the 31st

The Mediaeval Baebes are playing the DC Metro area again on Monday, August 31st at the performing arts center at the Rockville campus of Montgomery College.

[ profile] wabbitseason is organizing a group of locals, so comment at her livejournal if you want to buy a ticket with the group.
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LOTR Trilogy, 4/26, Arlington

The Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse is showing all three Lord of the Rings movies on Sunday, April 26 between noon and ten. It's only $8 (although I'm sure they're planning to make up for it by selling you food and beer.) They're giving running times of three hours, so I think it's the theatrical releases.

I'd be interested in going. I've tentatively got a ride set up with [ profile] lavendertook, which would mean I might leave before the end(s) of ROTK.

(A) Is anyone else interested in going?

(B) Of those interested in going who live in Southern Maryland and are amenable to taking complete strangers in the car late on Sunday nights, could you PM me and we can figure out if I'm more conveniently located to you than to Lavender Took?