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Velocity DC Dance Festival.
VelocityDC is a special partnership between Dance/MetroDC, Washington Performing Arts Society and the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Designed to showcase and promote the exceptional artistic quality of the D.C. dance community, VelocityDC positions Washington, D.C. as a top arts and dance destination nationwide.

Someone come with me. I want to go see the Saturday, October 9 shows. If you'd be interested in either, drop me a line. All tickets $18!
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This Saturday, May 8, from 2-5 at Martin Luther King Library, is the first anniversary Dreamwidth party.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

I will attend the anniversary party!

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4 (100.0%)

The library closes at five, so we can't go later, but the room is available earlier than our two o'clock start. Should the party start at noon?

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Yes, noon is better!
1 (20.0%)

No, three hours is enough time.
1 (20.0%)

We can always decamp to a bar if we're so awesome we want to hang out more.
3 (60.0%)

The people below offered to bring the food below. Please comment below to let us know exactly what you plan to bring, or that you will unfortunately not be attending after all. I will bring paper plates, plastic utensils, and a couple of two liters of generic soda, probably a cola and a cream soda.

[personal profile] rustnroses -- starchy dish, fruit
[personal profile] rebelsheart -- meat dish, cheeses, starchy dish, dessert
[personal profile] inkstone -- vegetable dish, fruit
[personal profile] icewolf -- cheeses, starchy dish, fruit, dessert
[personal profile] silmaril -- dessert
[personal profile] ciaan -- non-meat protein dish, cheeses, vegetable dish, fruit
[profile] [personal profile] gblvr -- cheeses, dessert
[personal profile] spydielives -- non-meat protein dish, vegetable dish, dessert
[personal profile] wicked_socks -- fruit, dessert
[personal profile] jrho -- meat dish, cheeses, starchy dish, fruit, dessert
[profile] [personal profile] ktnb -- vegetable dish, fruit, dessert
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The cherry trees have started blooming! Peak bloom for the Tidal Basin is predicted to be April 1-4, but cherry trees of various sorts continue to bloom for at least two weeks both around the Basin and elsewhere in the city.

I'm a fan of the cherry blossoms, so I wrote a post in my journal last year with quite a few links (mainly the history of the trees, an overview of the National Park Service information, maps, and Washington Post coverage). I updated those links today and made another post with some new links, including the Washington Post's audio tour and their latest list of non-touristy places to see the blossoms. Those places often have different bloom dates, so if you miss the trees at the Tidal Basin, you'll have a second chance.

If anybody's got recommendations for other things to include, let me know – I'd love to have them.
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Let's try this again. Options are:

Poll #2157 Clever Poll Name is Clever
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 4

I'd rather meet...

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7 PM Thursday, Feb 25th
3 (75.0%)

3 PM Saturday, Feb 27th
1 (25.0%)

I'm interested, but I can't make either of those.
0 (0.0%)

I'd like to discusss...

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A recent Tiptree winner.
3 (75.0%)

Start at the beginning of the list and work forward.
1 (25.0%)

Something else entirely, which I will put forth in comments.
0 (0.0%)

I'd like to suggest starting with Air, by Geoff Ryman, because this will finally goad me into reading it. I hope to finalize what book and what time by next Sunday, so everyone who is interesed has time to read the book.
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Would anyone be interested in a feminist speculative fiction cbook club in the Rockville, MD area? I went to Wiscon in May, and since then I've spoken to several people who wanted to go but couldn't, and have been thinking about how I can bring some of that vibe back home. To get the ball rolling, I was thinking of pulling a couple of recent Tiptree-winning novels for group readings. (See Tiptree winners on wiki.) Lebanese Taverna Cafe at Rockville Town Center has parking and metro access within a five minute walk, among other features, so I thought it might be a good place for a monthly book club to meet. I made a poll to gague interest, but if I've left some item dear to your heart off the poll, please add a comment to this post. Most of the poll questions are designed around what is most convenient for me, and are up for revision if something else works better for most people.

Poll #1527 Discussion of Discussion
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

I would be interested in a book club.

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9 (100.0%)

0 (0.0%)

When would you like to meet?

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Thursday 7 PM
3 (33.3%)

Saturday 1 PM
2 (22.2%)

Saturday 5 PM
4 (44.4%)

Other time I will mention in comments
0 (0.0%)

Does Rockville work for you?

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8 (88.9%)

No, but somewhere else in the MD 'burbs would
3 (33.3%)

No, but somewhere in DC would
1 (11.1%)

Thanks for filling out the poll - I'm really excited about making this happen.
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I both live and work right in Rockville, but my friends are all in other parts of the metro area. I'd really enjoy being able to meet up with people downtown on my way home from work for drinks and snacks, especially in the next few weeks when it will hopefully still be nice enough to sit outside. Anyone else in the same town and interested in such an idea?
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The Small Press Expo is going to be this coming weekend at the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center, 5701 Marinelli Road, North Bethesda, MD -- which means it is again in the hotel just opposite and down a block from the White Flint Metro station.

This is the small press/independent comics showcase on the East Coast, so it's not to be missed. There are hundreds of exhibitors this year -- there is something for everyone, whether you are interested in the stories or the medium of comics.

I went last year, and had a blast just looking at the exhibitors' booths. This year, I might go both days, and actually get to hear some of the talks. If anyone else is going and would like to meet up -- for lunch or otherwise, just let me know.
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I'm hoping to organize some kind of a small fannish get-together in Richmond this spring, and I thought I'd post here to see if there's anybody else who's more down this way rather than up in DC/Baltimore.

I don't have anything concrete in mind, so I'm very open to suggestions. Based on the people I know to invite right now, it would be a SPN-centric event, but multi-fandom would be excellent. If anybody's interested, please let me know!
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I need suggestions for an Open Beta Party. I'm thinking some place metro accessible, that either serves food at a counter or is willing to take a group with separate checks. Not too loud, not too dark, all ages access. It's better if they have electrical outlets, as I suspect that it will be a bit geeky and there may be a large number of laptops.

Anyone have any suggestions for an appropriate venue?

Also, do we want to do it on April 30, May 1, or both?

Also, also, who wants to come?


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