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I don't know if this technically falls in the bounds of this comm, so if it doesn't I'm sorry mod! and feel free to edit and/or take this down.

I've been fostering cats for a great organization in Northern VA called Pets Bring Joy. Currently we are fostering a kitty called May (though we have been calling her Maeve or Queen Maeve around the house). It's our second round of fostering her, as a typical foster runs 1-2 weeks to give cats breaks from being stuck in a Petsmart cage with potential adopters staring at them. However, once Maeve went back she went into a depressive funk, hung out in her litterbox, got a UTI, gained about 2 lbs in a month...yeah, she's been having a rough time. Anyway, she's back with us, hopefully until she finds her forever home.

She is a lovely cat, especially excellent with young kittens as she recently had a litter herself (when she was found in a park she was pregnant); she has now been spayed of course. She is good with other cats although she can be a bit of a Dom. Anyway, she's very playful (she begs by the cabinet where we keep the special toy), walks on a harness and leash, is good with kids, has head butted me while I was scooping litter so I'd say that falls in the "outgoing" category...

If you or someone you know is thinking about a cat, May/Maeve is a great kitty to consider. Also, Pets Bring Joy is a great organization that tends to rescue friendly cats no matter their physical circumstances (one eye, three legs, unpopular colors, etc.). We got our cat there and he is amazepants.

And...that's my schpiel unless you want more information!

May needs a forever home


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